Creative Solutions

Welcome to Jumbo Design, a graphic design service that offers creative solutions for small businesses and charities. I can help you create a strong and consistent brand identity for your business or charity, and design attractive and effective promotional material, website, and social media graphics.

Brand Development

Brand development is like crafting your brand’s personality. It involves understanding your business, knowing what makes you and your business unique. Brand development is an ongoing journey that requires monitoring and adaptation. When done right, it fosters brand loyalty and recognition.

Graphic Design

Graphic design blends art and technology to create eye-catching visuals to promote your business and tell your story. Graphic design takes your brand development work and weaves it into all facets of print and digital promotion and storytelling. Anything from billboards, websites, flyers, social media posts, packaging, presentations and so much more. Let's get your brand out there!

Web Development

At Jumbo Design, when you have a website designed and developed, you can be confident that you have full ownership of your site. Our competitive pricing covers design, development, and hosting services. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support for managing and updating your website.

Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy. You are the innovators, the entrepreneurs, and the community leaders. You deserve to have a graphic design that reflects your vision, values, and potential.


Graphic design is more than just aesthetics. It is a powerful way to communicate your vision, mission, and values to the world. That’s why I love working with charities that are making a positive difference in the world.

Who is Jumbo Design?

Jumbo Design is a one-woman show, but don’t let that fool you. I see all my clients as part of a team that are feet on the ground changing the world, serving their communities, and changing lives.

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