About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny Williams and welcome to Jumbo Design.

I didn’t stumble upon my mission; I truly believe I was born into it. From scribbling drawings as a child, to art at college, to learning the ropes at a local newspaper in Rotorua, a printer in Auckland, and then off to work in London at a magazine and immersing myself in designing in the corporate banking world and then freelancing for agencies on my return to NZ. I have experienced so much within the arena of design, and it makes up a large part of my working life. But it wasn’t until I saw local charities and small businesses struggling to tell their stories that I felt my life’s purpose crystallise into something tangible.

The genesis of Jumbo Design came in a moment of profound revelation. I had moved away (I thought) from the design world and into the world of health and wellness. However, wherever I landed I always saw a need for good design to elevate the arena I was working in. From a facilitator at a teen health charity to a support coach at a local gym bootcamp, my experience as a designer was always in play. I finally realised that art and compassion had a way to work together – I had the power to invoke change through art.

Jumbo Design is a one-woman show, but don’t let that fool you.

I see all my clients as part of a team that are feet on the ground changing the world, serving their communities, and changing lives. Whether I’m working with a charity that supports our communities, a small local business fighting to survive in a world of chains, a coach changing the lives of the people they train or picking up the overflow work from a design agency, I will put my all into each project. Every time I see a smile that my design helped produce, my one-woman team feels like an army.

ps. Why ‘Jumbo’? This was a nickname given to me as toddler (I don’t know why) and it stuck. To this day many family members and friends call me Jumbo and I take it as a term of endearment :)